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Ethereal Tempest

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Foiling the Myth of Rebirth [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:04 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
"There is no end. There is no hell. There is nothing inside you but chemicals and biologicals. We wake in a cloud and we fall until the day closes, and we make like it means something. It means nothing to me." Aerial Orchid wandered in a daze and a million thoughts - mostly disjointed - passed through her head. How would she find help, how would she revive Pete, how will she get to Artisan. She focused on his body but could not transfer her energy, so she left on foot. She made ground fast, she moved like the air. She reached Selina. She did not pass a single car. The town was asleep, a ghost town. She knew it was too late for Pete. She knew his soul was gone. Her mind spoke to her "Souls are not transferable, they move retrospectively." And so Pete's soul had one last stop before entering the past. Pete transcended through the barriers of distance and arrived in Wilco. He no longer felt the cold air on his face, instead he was encased in a heavenly warmth. "So this is what death feels like."
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Journey back again [Nov. 19th, 2005|05:54 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
Black Envy stood in disbelief as to what he had just seen. He felt different in some way, but still had no idea how his new power would be used to benefit him. If he wanted to hold Stardust for the rest of eternity, he would need a power that is useful in defending it. The bird on his shoulder spoke bluntly to him. 'It's time to go.'

Black Envy took a step back as the bird began to make a terrible squarking sound. The bird seemed to implode on itself, and made a huge storm of dust. Then, out of the dust emerged a grey skinned dragon. Black Envy was amazed. 'How did you do that?' He asked the former bird. 'I was once like you. Then, through training and extreme concerntraition I became a master of the world of magic. Hop on my back.' Black Envy cautiously climbed aboard the intimidating dragon. 'We must return to your kind.' The dragon said. Black Envy feared for his safety and held on tight. He got up the nerve to speak. 'You're meaning to tell me, you could have turned into a dragon back at the camp, flown me to the druids in a matter of hours, and we would have been done within a day. Why did you make me walk all this way, suffering and starving with no care about my wellbeing?'

The dragon simply replied 'I could have, but you must suffer to learn. Besides, it builds character.'

Black Envy was not happy. 'Who wants to build character?', he thought. I'm only trying to secure the existance of my kind for all eternity.
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How unfortunate [Nov. 14th, 2005|05:56 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
Aerial Orchid held onto the wheel of the car as Pete slept across the passenger seat. They got to a fork in the road with no signs. She wondered whether to go left or right. The left road slanted significantly down hill, while the right rose high into the mountains. She decided on the right road. The view got to be dark and shrouding, and fog soon crept in. She couldn't see very far ahead and she took it nice and easy. The wind started howling through the trees and the road winded and twisted higher and higher. The wheel of the car clipped a rock and burst, and the car slid sideways into a ditch. Pete Orchid had loosened his seatbelt and he slid forward and hit quite hard onto the windscreen. He died that very moment.
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Sinister spells [Oct. 23rd, 2005|06:10 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
'Lights out, buddy boy.' The druid said as he smiled and Black Envy felt a strange sensation come over his body. He was shaking faster and faster until his body became a single blur. He looked at his hands and they began to evaporate like dust in the wind. 'Don't worry' he head the druid's voice in his head. 'You are in no real danger. Hang in there, I'm just trying to get the right frequency.' He saw the sky hurdle through night and day, then night and day again. The druid turned from a tree into a lanky, thin person, then into a tiger, then back into a tree again. 'Ah, here we go.' Black Envy looked around, and felt very small. Then he realised that he was standing on the bird's shoulder, being only a few inches tall. 'What? What is going on?' he asked the looming druid. 'You've reached an alternative universe, my friend. Your still exactly where you were, only your vibration frequency has changed.' Black Envy thought for a moment. 'What use is it being 2 inches tall?' The druid replied, and his breath almost swept him off his feet. 'You'll know, when your own world gets too painful, you'll need to travel to a new one.'

'I want to go back.' Black Envy screamed. The druid paused for a while. Sadly, he said 'Well just concerntrate and close your eyes and wish yourself back.' 'That's all there is to it?' Black Envy asked. 'You have the skill now.' And before he knew it, the world rotated around him, the sky became the ground, and the ground was above the sky. Then it stretched around him and turned inside out, and before he could comprehend what was happening, he was back to normal. The bird sat on his shoulder, and the druid was nowhere to be seen. 'We need to leave right now. Before anything else changes.' The bird nodded in agreement, and soared into the sky leading the way.
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Emelia enters [Oct. 15th, 2005|08:07 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
'Have you seen this boy?' Bob Spacer shows the picture to his partner. 'Thats him huh?, I thought he'd be older.' 'Lets get this picture out there.' Bob replied and stepped on the accelerator pedal. The police car hit the highway.

A stranger approached the letterbox at the end of a road in Selina. She opened the box and found a letter inside. It had the name Aerial Orchid written in black ink. It had the words 'Meet me at the carousel when the sun and moon are side by side.' printed on the inside. There was only one carousel in town, and that was at the carnival. Emelia was wearing a black dress, with long black hair and small round ears. She had dark eye shadow on which made her brown eyes seem almost black.

She rode her horse to the carnival. It was only early yet, the sun would not rise for another hour.

'Sorry, were closed.' Said a carny to Emelia. She turn around and walked the other way. She sat down in the dust-filled path and looked at her watch. She pushed the minute hand around until it was an hour later. The sun rose rapidly. Then she entered the carnival. She made her way to the carousel and waited. 'The sun and moon side by side.' She remembered. Was it impossible? She had never seen it before but that time would have to come.
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Introducing the druids [Oct. 9th, 2005|02:09 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
Black Envy being the muscular, intelligent and somewhat impatient minotaur that he was, found the journey to the druids a confusing and long affair. He couldn't hide his enthusiasm when he realised he'd reached the center of Stardust and the thick forest the lay home to the druids was upon him. With the talking bird on his shoulder he called out to the druids. 'Step forth, tree gods!' He waited, but nothing happened. 'Step forth, reveal yourselves!' Once again no sign of life. The bird chuckled and said to Black Envy 'You can't talk to them in your language. You must speak how trees speaks!' Black Envy grew frustrated and replied. 'And how do trees speak?' The bird spoke. 'Grab a branch and shake it. The druids will hear you.' Black Envy was smart. He knew everything there was to know back in his home land, but out here everything was new. He hated being outsmarted by a tiny bird. He grabbed a branch from a nearby tree and shook it fiercely. He waited and heard a faint rustle. This rustle grew louder until the few trees around him were shaking. Then, he looked beyond the nearby trees and saw that whole rows of trees were convulsing violently, the sound got louder and louder like a speeding gust of wind was blowing the trees, yet there was no wind. Then and eerie silence. A woman walked out of tree and she was textured like dark wood. She blinked until her skin became pale and she looked like a normal woman, yet her hands were still tiny branches. 'Welcome traveller.' She said. 'What have you come to the druids for?'

'I have come to learn the magic of Stardust. To claim the land for the next thousand years we must know how to utilise the magic and keep the humans out.' Black Envy was pleased with the way he put the question.

'I can only teach you one thing, for I only know one spell. Each of us druids is blessed with one magic entity, and unfortunately the other druids are away. They went fishing, and once again they didn't tell me. Now let me feel your vibrations.' The druid reached her hand out and pressed it against Black Envy's neck. 'Yes, you will do fine.'
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Flashback [Oct. 9th, 2005|01:49 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
Aerial Orchid sat back and closed her eyes as her husband Pete drove through the vast cornfields and farm lands on the road to Artisan. She remembered back when they first met. She thought he was crazy, and in many ways he was. She remembered when they were only teenagers, and she was swimming in a hotel pool. She pretended she was drowning, and screamed out to Pete... 'help me! help me!' so he came running out of the hotel room and jumped from the second story balcony, fully clothed and made a heavy splash into the pool. When he landed, she held his head under water, as if to pretend drown him. His body did not surface... She wondered where he was, and put her head under the water an opened her eyes. She felt his lips on hers, and shared a romantic kiss. He came up for air and gasped. He was shaking and cold. She could remember it like it was yesterday. It's funny how she could remember moments like that, yet forget other memories so easily. She couldn't remember her first day at school, or her first birthday. She couldn't remember the name of her first goldfish, or when she first got a cold. Yet, the days and nights she shared with Pete would always be treasured.
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Dance of the wanted man [Oct. 9th, 2005|01:20 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
In police headquarters, far into the deep valley of Wilco, Bob is behind his desk tapping furiously at the keyboard. 'It's six o'clock.' His partner mentioned as he moved towards the front doors. 'Give it up already. Get some sleep. You look terrible.' Bob Spacer ignored him and continued typing. He had to get this field report complete from a previous case... then he could focus on the playing card killer. Hours passed and he was almost nodding off at his desk, then a tap on his shoulder surprised him. 'Sir, we have a match on your fingerprint pulled from the crime scene.' It was one of the techies from the forensics division. 'His name is Felix Van Deity. He served in the army for two years before coming down with a mysterious illness. His last known address is listed as a house in Himreonte, but according to the maps this place doesn't exist. We have a picture however, and get this... he is only nineteen years old.'

In Selina, Felix feels a shiver down his spine. He sips on a glass of black vodka and begins to feel the effects of the alcohol. He is in a cold barn with a gramophone that hisses and crackles. He picks out a record with a picture of a woman wearing torn rags and puts it on. He dances to the jazzy track with soaring female vocals. While behind him, bright multi-coloured lights glow to form the shape of a tree. He does little side steps and twists around to the music. He is happy, and hopeful to see his first true love... Aerial Orchid.
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Over the hills, far away [Sep. 7th, 2005|09:46 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
'Over those hills!' The bird spoke to Black Envy. He approached the hill face, it was steep and made of cold stone. 'How are we going to get over these hills?' He asked the bird. It seemed utterly impassable. 'Got an apple?' the bird replied. Black Envy rummaged through his backpack. 'No I don't have an apple.' He said impatiently. 'Well, find an apple and we'll get over these hills.' Great. 'See you on the other side!' The bird soared high into the sky and over the hill. 'Don't forget...' he heard the voice of the bird in his head... 'when you find the apple, toss it into the lake.'

Black Envy stood dazed for a moment and watched the morning sun rise over the lake. He had no idea where to find an apple. He backtracked along the path and thought for a while. He had not slept well and he stopped to lay under a tree. 'I'll never make it to the druids.' He thought. When he closed his eyes and opened them again he was visited by a tall lady. 'Sleep.' He heard the lady say. 'But I must find the apple.' He replied. 'The lady held out her hand and unravelled a cloth. Inside laid a red juicy apple. 'Here it is, now sleep.' Black Envy found himself at the mercy of the lady and he was unable to wake himself up. He slept like he hadn't slept in days. He clutched the apple in his arm and curled up peacefully.

Black Envy opened his eyes, only to discover he no longer held the apple. He sat up straight and felt a bump on his head. 'Ow!' he cried. And there it was, the apple had fallen staight on him. He felt embarrassed, and stood up with a tight grip on the apple.

'Throw it into the lake.' He remembered the bird saying. Black Envy walked towards the lake and picked up a small stone. He tossed across the surface of the lake, watching it bounce and skid as if it were on solid ground. He waited for some response, but nothing happened. What difference will the apple make? He thought and he hungry. He thought about biting into the apple. He wouldn't let a tasty apple go to waste. But no, he was deciplined. He apprehensively tossed the apple and watched it sink to the bottom.

Slowly the ground started to shake. Then he saw bubbles surfacing from the middle of the lake. A head emerged and then a body. Two giant arms surfaced and two giant legs. This man of unmatched height lifted out of the water and on to dry land. Inside his epic mouth lay the apple, wedged between his teeth. 'Thank you.' He said slowly and caused a deep rumble. 'How can I assist?'

Black Envy, freightened and stunned, pointed to the hill. 'I need... Over the hill.' He rephrased. 'I need to get over the hill. To see the druids.'

The giant replied. 'Ah, then see the druids you will.' He lifted Black Envy up by his backpack and placed him gently on the peak of the hill. 'Thanks.' Black Envy said, but when he turned around the giant was gone and all he saw was the bubbles in the lake rapidly dissipating.
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The dreaming [Sep. 3rd, 2005|06:01 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
'Welcome, I am the spirit of dreaming... I come to you with an important message.' Arial Orchid saw only darkness and heard this voice echoing in her head. 'There is a time and a place, deep in the woods. Here I challenge a small man to a game of basketball. The man is elderly and his voice is raspy and stagnant. We play and we both know a lot is riding on this game. I taunt the man of limited height. I call him names and say awful things about him. He is truly saddened and the game concludes. When I win, I feel sorry for him. What have I done to this man of dwarf proportions. "Sorry, I didn't mean it. Maybe we can play catch some time." He smiles, nods and soon vanishes. But where am I? I know this place, and I know I must travel west to get home. So I walk west for what seems like seconds and I am lost. So I turn around and travel east for a moment longer. I am still lost. I ask two women who pass by "Where am I?" and they reply. I am an hour from home in a country town that I could have never reached in this small time. What have I become?'

Arial Orchid was confused by this visit by the spirit. What did it mean? What effect would it have on her travel to the city of Artisan and her stop along the way. Maybe things would be clearer as time passes.
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The twisted path to the druids [Sep. 1st, 2005|10:00 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
Black Envy walked along a twisted path with the bird flapping slowly beside him. We must get out of this wilderness if we are to survive the night, he thought. 'Where are you taking me?' He asked the bird. 'We must make it to the river before nightfall.' It replied.

As they approached the river, it seemed as though there was no way to cross. 'Now we travel by air!' the bird squarked. It soared off, high into the sky until it was out of sight. 'Where's that little pest gone', Black Envy muttered to himself. Then slowly a fog descended on him. The clouds extended from above, and a small bridge of fog formed. He stepped into the fog, and to his surprise it was solid. He could walk into the fog and rise above the river. As he passed to the other side he was bewildered. The bird returned to his shoulder. 'Soon you will learn how to use your powers, and calling upon the clouds will be an easy task.' Black Envy smiled and they continued on their journey. They came across a small encampment and decided to spend the night. Within a day they would reach the druids, and the key to grand power and magic would be upon them.
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Break [Sep. 1st, 2005|09:20 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
A crackle came on the police radio. 'Looks like it's our killer again, Bob.' The dark-haired man said. 'The house is in Selina, two persons, husband and wife. We'll take highway 49.'

Hours later the police car pulled up to a property in the heart of Selina. The house was a stone built, two story cottage. The Sheriff was already on the scene. 'Looks like we've got ourselves a break. This murder wasn't well planned. We've found the gun disposed of in the back river, we ran a check on it and it came up stolen, but we have the fingerprints.'

Officer Bob Spacer opened the door to the cottage and entered. Immediately he noted that the table had not been cleared, and dishes piled up in the sink. He walked up the stairs and the boards creaked. The woman's body laid in the passage, blood still wet on the carpet. Bob, overstepped the poor woman and made his way to the bedroom. The second body laid up against the wall wearing only his trousers. The man had a tattoo of a dragon on the left of his torso. And finally he saw the killer's signature; an ace of spades lay on the bed.

When Bob left the cottage he noticed the coroner's van had arrived. 'We'll continue our investigation at headquarters.' He said to his partner. 'Let's move along.'
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Apocalypse [Aug. 18th, 2005|04:50 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
There were screams coming from the patient's rooms. A look out the window saw the sun eclypsed by a much closer object. Darkness covered the earth and the falling rock glowed a scorched red in the sky. The ground shook as it got closer... this was it, ground zero. Aerial rushed to get the patients down the long stairs and into the basement. The sound was frightening. The final impact tore the hospital to shreds... Aerial Orchard awakened. She was at her desk in the ward. The usual beeps and hustle of the hospital surrounded her. "What a strange dream." She thought. There was a letter waiting for her.

If you haven't noticed, there is a war going on. I have committed murder, but only in the spirit of this war... in the interests of saving human kind. I have done my part, now it is time for you to do yours. On your way to Artisan there is a small town called Selina. In that town lies a dirt track along a northern farm. At the end of the track is a gate, open the mailbox and you'll find further instructions. I await your arrival.


Aerial's heart sank. It was the letter she never thought would arrive. Felix was the only one who knew the full extent of her talents. It was time to leave, she thought, now or never.
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Into the shadows [Aug. 11th, 2005|11:29 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
Black Envy strolled proudly through the camp. 'I must leave on a journey to the centre of Stardust.' he told his personal bodyguard, Crimson Crow. 'I need to further my study into the worship of the spirits. The druids will guide the way.'

'It could kill you.' Crimson replied.
'That's a risk I must take.'

The witch-spider crawled down from the tree. 'I overheard you were visiting the druids. I have a gift for you.' She hissed. Up through her mouth came a squark, and a small bird emerged. The bird said 'Hello, Black Envy'

Black Envy was taken back. 'As you can see he is a talking bird. He knows the safe way to the centre of Stardust. Listen and learn.'

The minotaur took the bird on his shoulder and turned to the road out camp. Crimson Crow watched as he disappeared into the shadows.
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The Coffee Shop [Aug. 11th, 2005|11:08 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
'Damn fine coffee here in sunny Wilco.' A man in a dark suit said to his partner officer.
'You should try the cherry pie.' he replied. 'So what's you're feeling?'
'Looks like someone's missing.' The dark haired, tall man said.
'That's what I was thinking.' his partner replied.
The door to the coffee shop swung open and in walked a man with a limp and a newspaper under his arm. He sat in the booth behind the police men. 'Fine day today, gentlemen.' He smiled. The police men just looked away and continued their conversation. 'I'll have coffee thanks.' He read the name tag of the woman serving him and added 'Rita'.

'He's not smart enough to be working alone. He needed a driver for a start. We know of two murders since he's been locked up. Either he has an accomplice or a good copy cat killer.'
His partner replied, 'Well it's a nice theory Bill.' 'Bob.' the tall man replied. 'Sorry, Bob.'

They got up and walked out. The small wall clock ticked around to eleven am. The man remained at the table and read his newspaper. 'Look's like rain.' The waitress said. 'Ah damn it.' he replied.
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Aerial Orchid's Gift [Aug. 11th, 2005|10:31 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
It was a day of great hardship. A hospital never sleeps. Aerial Orchid had worked from early that morning until long into dusk. She was a calm healer, her soft voice and gentle care soothed the patients worries. Her power brought much needed rest to the weary eyes of the travellers. Over the crackling radio came news of the battle lost at Stardust. She was miles away at mid Hyper-Ghast. Still, if a general called her name she would be on the front lines, medic to the injured warriors. A song came on to the radio, an opratic tune which felt uplifting, but sorrowful. 'Turn that damn thing off.' said a patient, followed by a deep cough. Aerial Orchid turned the volume down and approached the deep-voiced man. 'Still not sleeping?' she asked. 'It's those dreams. I'm watching myself fall. It's like I'm not me, but a different kind of me. When I hit the bottom I wake up.'

Aerial Orchid closed her eyes and held the patient's hand. She prayed for a dreamless sleep and soon enough, the man's eyes closed and his breath lulled to a soft rhythm. She had a gift. Taking from her own ability to rest and giving to another, meant she would almost certainly not get shut-eye in the night. But she had other plans.

When she returned home, her small dwelling was just as she left it. 'Come here, lovely.' Her man Pete Orchid said as he pulled her towards his body and kissed her on the forehead. 'We're getting out of here, one day.' She said with a certain hope. 'We're going to Artisan.'

'I know, I know.' He replied. 'We're saving, you know how much it costs to live there. If we could go tomorrow we would.'

She sat down and sipped at the soup her husband had lay out. The night drifted past quickly and Pete slept like a lamb. Aerial Orchid layed out the map for Artisan, planning all the stops along the way and projecting when the best time was to travel. 'Spring of the next year.' she muttered to herself.
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The battle for Stardust [Aug. 10th, 2005|06:01 pm]
Ethereal Tempest
The sun dawned over a land rich with green pastures and lush foliage. There was barely time to appreciate the glow of the sky over the earthy trees before a barrage of arrows whipped though the air. Archers lay atop the hillside as the army of harrowing ogres advanced. The had emerged from the forgotton lands to take back what was rightfully theirs. Stardust had been possessed by man for eternity. The magic that laid in the soil and spirits that occupied the air had gone untouched and dwindled into logic and reason. With the recapturing of Stardust came the birth of a new age. Those that died could be reborn, and those that dreamed of things not ordinary, could experience the extra-ordinary. This war was lead by a single entity of flesh, bone and blood. The minotaur, Black Envy, would regain his kingdom.

The battle drew to a close, and the creatures of forgotton lands hacked and clawed at the men. Swords and arrows were no match for the savage strength of the beasts. They moved faster than a man could run and killed swiftly. As the men fled, being over-run by the creatures, a spider-witch called down her most deadly spell. A storm of dust and debris swirled in the valley, and threw the men far into the distance. The magic was returning.

Black Envy stood alone, the enemy trampled and torn, and looked to the sky. This was his land now. 'We shall set up camp here.' He said to his fellow creatures. 'We have much work to do.' He knew night was coming and finding shelter would be no easy task. If the spirits were to return, he would need much prayer and worship. Their god was mysterious, and regaining the land of Stardust was only the first step in a journey long and treacherous.
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